Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rain today with scattered sunshine

That's the actual weather report from the little man on the tele. It's been raining a lot. No one around here complains, after all, rain is why we have the Emerald Isle. The locals just say, "I's a bit'a ran tada," which means bring a good umbrella or stay inside and nurture pints. "A lovely d'y" is still cloudy but with no drops, drizzle or mist. A good time for a walk on the beach.

When the clouds do part and the sun does shine, it pours. A sunbreak as the folks in Seattle say. "Just grand," is how the Irish express it.

Dingle is the quintessential seaport village, located on the Dingle Peninsula in southwest Ireland. Home to less than 2,000 souls and visited by over a million tourists each year. Even Christopher Columbus came to visit in 1477 before he sailed Stateside. 

When you order the famed fish'n'chips, this is how it comes: out of the sea and into a delivery truck,

then driven across the street and cooked into the traditional gastronomic delight.

The quiet, colorful streets seem to glow.

All beautiful days come to an end. Rain is on its way. Time to dream of more scattered sunshine!

*  *  *  *